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Our Mission

Our mission is to be an “Agency for Change.” We use our digital marketing prowess to support evolved businesses that are trying to positively impact their community, their industry, or the world.

Our Deep Rooted Commitment

We are committed to partnering with exceptional companies that will benefit from our online marketing expertise. At Organik SEO, we understand that the working relationship has to be a fit, so we make it our goal to work with a company only if we're certain we can help their business succeed.

Regardless of what your business objective is, we are happy to start the conversation by providing some free, unbiased advice. We’ll even give you a trusted referral if we are not your best option.

Ultimately, we strive to be an online marketing resource for business throughout our hometown of San Diego and beyond. We take pride in developing and nurturing lasting relationships while supporting the community as a whole.

  • Our Results

    Results are created by aligning our efforts with our client's goals. We consider ourselves an extension of our client's marketing team, and we strive to meet business objectives, drive sales, and increase online exposure. Whether you're a nonprofit, a local business, or a purpose driven brand, we create custom online marketing strategies to meet your marketing objectives. There isn't a one size fits all package, which is why our clients love our personalized approach.

  • Giving Back

    It's not just our passion, it's our responsibility. Our team actively seeks out ways we can use our skills and expertise for the common good. We take pride in our ongoing efforts: organizing monthly donation drives, offering pro-bono hours to a select number of nonprofits, and volunteering, just to name a few.

  • Carbon Footprint

    We never want to lose sight of the big picture, which is why we are committed to being one of the first certified B Corporations in San Diego. As a part of our commitment to a more sustainable future, we also continually strive to be more environmentally aware. This starts with where we live and work. As an example, everything we do is digital, and we're proud of the fact that our office uses less than one ream of paper per year.

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