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Hiring an executive assistant

Here we grow again! Organik SEO is actively seeking an executive assistant to join our dynamic team here in beautiful San Diego. We are looking for someone to work in-house so please do not inquire if you are not able to work from our office here in Solana Beach. This job is currently offered as a part time position with the opportunity to transition into full time work. The ideal candidate will be highly organized, efficient, motivated, detail oriented and fun! (… read more)

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Local SEO for Multi-Location Businesses: The Basics

The term local SEO encompasses a lot these days. Almost every business stands to benefit from local search optimization, even larger national brands that don’t quite consider themselves “local”. If your business has more than 1 location, make sure your foundation is strong by covering these basics of local search: 1. Each Location Must Have a Unique Phone Number and Address Whether you’re service based or have a storefront, each location needs to have its own phone number and address to (… read more)

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How to Tweet for Search Engines

Tweeting. It’s a polarizing topic. I’m a big fan, but it’s sometimes difficult to convey the benefit of Twitter to businesses and even individuals. I got both of my most recent jobs via Twitter connections (hello, online networking!) and our clients at Organik SEO have seen considerable growth in engagement and web traffic from Twitter. If you’re not tweeting yet, it’s time to consider diving into the ‘Twittersphere.’ LinkedIn posts created via the publisher application are readily searchable on Google, (… read more)


San Diego Botanic Garden in the “Companies That Care” Spotlight

We are shining the spotlight on a great company this month in our “Companies That Care” segment. We are featuring the San Diego Botanic Garden, a local Encinitas garden that offers miles of trails, flowering trees, majestic plants and so much more. Located 30 minutes north of San Diego, San Diego Botanic Garden is home to numerous exhibits, a tropical rainforest and the nation’s largest bamboo collection. Visitors come from all over to visit this incredible place to admire the diverse (… read more)

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Local Search Ecosystem: 2015 Predictions

The local search ecosystem is vast, it’s ever expanding and can be tricky to navigate. The ecosystem is comprised of online directories, fed by 5 major data aggregators (organization that complies meaningful info from vast databases for use or for sale). InfoGroup, Axciom, Factual, Neustar and Foursquare are responsible for much of the data across the local search ecosystem but the web is vast and you’ll need more than just these 5 citations to be a player in local search. (… read more)

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Vanity URL’s, Vanity Domain’s, and Domain Changes

One of our clients with multiple retail locations recently asked us about Vanity URL’s and whether or not it made sense to have them for each of their stores. They further questioned whether or not they should give each location their own domain. This line of questioning lead into a discussion about the differences between Vanity Domain’s, Vanity URL’s, and domain changes which got us to thinking, why don’t we blog about it?! This question was originally posed to our resident SEO (… read more)

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Blog Formatting Tips: Bullet Points, Spacing, Bold Text, Etc…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to tear my hair out to get blog I’ve written formatted properly before publishing! It looks just dandy while I’m typing away in WordPress, then I hit “Preview” only to reveal wonky spacing, strangely bolded text, or some random issue on how an image lays out. UGH! Formatting your blog properly is almost as important as the quality of your content. I know, that may sound silly but for the majority of readers (I (… read more)

Do's and Don'ts of Submitting Citations for Local Search

Do’s and Don’ts of Submitting Citations for Local Search

In the realm of local search, citations are an important player. A citation is a mention of a business online, specifically publishing a business’s name, address and phone number. Each time the Googlebot can assign a citation to a particular business it adds to their local relevancy. Thus, giving the business a better chance in earning one the top 7 positions in the local map results. Not all citation websites are the same however. Some allow for robust content buildout, (… read more)

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Why Social Media Isn’t A Waste of Time

If you’re in the digital marketing industry, you’re either reading the title of this post saying, ‘Preach!’ or ‘Yes, yes, I know this already.’ But if you’re a business owner, you know that every dollar counts. Sometimes it’s hard to justify funding an effort that may not create immediate new leads or sales. Yet, businesses small and large are investing in social media. I’ll begin with the ‘why': Why Should You Invest in Social Media? Print marketing is still very (… read more)

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Practice Holistic SEO in 2015 to REALLY Grow Your Business

The world of SEO is an ever evolving arena. In 2015, my prediction is that those who practice holistic SEO campaigns will be the “big winners” of the year. Developing a thoughtful, well rounded and meaningful campaign that’s customized for your business plan can sound like a monumental task but spending that time to go the extra mile will make all the difference. I predict we’ll see the biggest shift in the Local SEO arena. We’ll start to see Localized (… read more)

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