Micah Making a Good Impression with Organik SEO

Customer Service on Social Media: Make a Great Impression

Your customers and your future customers are watching you on social media.What you say and do–and how you react to customer needs–can make or break the way people talk about your business online and offline. So put on your Sunday best and make a heck of a good impression. Here are our top tips for impressing, retaining and gaining customers on social media: Determine Your Tone and Voice Are you playful, informational, sarcastic? Develop a tone and be consistent. This (… read more)

GoodOnYa in the Companies That Care Spotlight, Organik SEO

GoodOnYa in the “Companies That Care” Spotlight

This month, we are shining the spotlight on a great company in our “Companies That Care” segment. We are featuring GoodOnYa, a local San Diego deli and organic nutrition bar/sports drink company that is helping people stay healthy on the go, while giving back to the community. GoodOnYa’s Mission The mission of GoodOnYa is simple: Create real food products that are certified Organic and Non GMO Verified. This cool company helps educate people on the power of real food and (… read more)

Right or Wrong Marketing Tactics

Self-Promotion: How to Turn it On Without Turning Everyone Off

DM requests to ‘vote for my product.’ LinkedIn spam messages. Poorly targeted Facebook ads. We’re constantly bombarded by terribly executed marketing messages and advertising campaigns. But then, then that one brand creates an advertising campaign so unique, so compelling, so true to its brand that you can’t turn away. You’re sharing it with your coworkers, flooding your own Twitter account with tweets about your new favorite brand and are genuinely obsessed with said brand’s stunning digital marketing efforts. As a business, how do (… read more)

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Quick Guide to Joining a Twitter Chat

What Exactly is a Twitter Chat? A Twitter chat is where people come together to talk about a certain topic or industry and communicate using a predetermined #hashtag. Twitter chats are great for learning from others in your industry as well as sharing any ideas you have. They are great for building a community around your brand and industry. Joining a chat for the first time can seem daunting so I have put together just a few quick tips to (… read more)

Google Algorithm Update 2015 mobile friendly devices lined-up

Google’s Algorithm Update: Mobile-Friendly Websites

On April 21st, Google will be updating its algorithm to look at the mobile-friendliness of a website and use the analysis as a ranking signal. This update will impact the search results for users conducting search on mobile phone and tablet devices. In the initial announcement, Google went on to mention this update will have a notable impact the current results. This is a little out of character for Google to announce an update and further more, mention the level (… read more)


How to Work Smarter: Efficiency in Digital Marketing

We’ll be the first to say it: digital marketing is hard work. Staying on top of new trends, managing time and client expectations, responding to countless emails, social media pings and phone calls. It’ll take it out of you. We’ve determined some strategies that have helped us work more efficiently. Don’t worry, we’ll share: Understand Your Clients We all have different personalities as do our clients. It’s crucial to understand them to make sure you’re working in a manner that (… read more)


Increase Website Conversions With 4 Easy Steps

Getting traffic to your website is one thing, but encouraging users to do what you want them to do once they’ve arrived is a whole other beast. I am going to talk about four awesome tools that can offer insight into how people are using your website and how you can utilize these tools to increase conversions on your site. 4 conversion tools we couldn’t live without: Google Analytics Usability Hub (5 Second Test) Optimizely ClickTale Google Analytics Google Analytics is perhaps (… read more)


Trendy or Timeless: How To Determine If That New Tool Is Right For You

Meerkat. If you’re in the midst of brainstorming about incorporating the popular live stream tool into your digital marketing campaign, you’re far from alone. One of the most challenging tasks digital marketers face is how to not only stay on top of the latest and greatest social media tools, but also how to determine which tools and trends are truly useful and which will run their course quickly. It takes constant exploration of digital marketing trends, a keen sense of (… read more)

Vintage Light and Antiques

What’s New With Google My Business

As the resident local search specialist here at Organik SEO, I work hard to keep my thumb on the pulse of all things local SEO. In the past month Google has rolled out some updates to their Google My Business tool, which is the pinnacle of any local search campaign, so keeping current on the upgrades and their impact is a necessity. There are 3 major changes to breakdown: #1 – Mobile Prominence The information housed on the Google My (… read more)

Stone Brewery Beers in a Row-01

Stone Brewing in the “Companies That Care” Spotlight

UPDATE: Stone Brewing Co. was named among the top 50 craft and overall brewing companies in the U.S., according to a list released March 31, 2015 by the Brewers Association. Congratulations to the Stone team! And now back to our regularly scheduled programing.  We are shining the spotlight on a great company this month in our “Companies That Care” segment. We are featuring Stone Brewing Co., the largest brewery in Southern California, headquartered in sunny Escondido. Organic is the Way to Go at (… read more)

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