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3 Search Engine Marketing Questions Answered

“Helping the world 1 small business owner at at time”. This is my motto as a digital marketer. I work hard to be the best marketer I can be, as a consequence, I’m on a never ending quest to educate SMB’s about digital marketing. I get all kinds of questions from all kinds of businesses, but here are 3 questions I find myself being asked on a more consistent basis, accompanied by a bullet pointed list of answers for each (… read more)

Top 10 Tools Social Media

Top 10 Tools for Social Media Pros

Don’t work harder, work smarter! There are so many tools out there today it’s hard to know which ones to use and which ones will ultimately save you the most time and frustration. I put together a list of the top 1o tools our social media department uses for maximum efficiency. Top 10 Social Media Tools 1. Sprout Social: A great tool for managing multiple social media accounts. You can schedule, reply, track and report all in one spot! 2. Asana: Not (… read more)

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Blog Image Optimization: 5 Fundamentals

You’ve written a great blog and you have some great images to post along with it. All you have to do is upload them to your blog platform and you’re done, right? Not so fast. In order for those images to show their worth within your blog they need to be optimized. Many are familiar with the process of image optimization, but they’re honestly too busy to go the extra mile to make it happen. It’s a bit tedious, we know, but (… read more)

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How to Practice Holistic Digital Marketing

Silos? No, thank you. Digital marketing companies have come to know the importance of encouraging different departments to work together. In 2011 and 2012, there were an influx of articles heralding the age of communication among departments and denouncing the practice of siloing expertise. While this has helped companies recognize the necessity of branches of marketing working together, many companies and agencies still struggle with how to create campaigns that cohesively blend best practices for SEO, content marketing, social media, PR and web (… read more)

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B Corps: How to Make Your Business Greener

In a recent blog I discussed the value of becoming a certified B Corporation. Today, I’d like to focus on how to maintain and improve your B Corp score, or simply just become a greener business with easy examples. We recently went thru the assessment process of maintaining our B Corp certification, and we were able to improve our score! Organik SEO is passionate about being socially responsible, honest and sustainable and we are committed to our purpose driven mission. There are several sections that (… read more)


We’re Hiring! Content & Social Media Specialist

Here we grow again! Organik SEO is seeking a Content & Social Media Specialist. This position will be part-time with the opportunity to grow into a full-time position (this often happens quite quickly). We are looking for an in-house person so please do not inquire if you are not able to physically work from our office in Solana Beach. Who Are We Looking to Hire? Our ideal candidate will have agency experience managing multiple client accounts for social and content campaigns. You (… read more)

3 Tips for Sales Team Management

Managing sales is challenge in any business, and the process can become even more complex when you have multiple people sharing the efforts. The sales manager plays a crucial role in the success of any sales team. It is their responsibility to lead the sales team, train them to reflect a united representation of your business, and communicate effectively with the prospective clients they are selling to. Below are three tips to help you manage your sales team effectively: Clear Definitions (… read more)


The Importance of Storytelling in Digital Marketing

Products and services don’t sell; stories do. Marketers are tasked with the exciting, but often daunting, duty of creating a powerful message around their product or service. Rather than simply encouraging people to buy from a company, building a story around a brand–a good story–entices people to come back for more. Stories achieve two essential marketing goals: They build trust and engagement with consumers and allow marketers to deeply target the demographic they want to engage with most. Build Trust and Engagement (… read more)

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Boo! The Not-So-Scary Truth About Ghost Blogging for Clients

When a client signs on to work with us they’re looking for solutions to help them create a solid presence in the digital marketing realm. Many of our clients have extremely talented teams that work tirelessly on numerous tasks to make the business not only tick, but thrive. Some teams are large, some teams are small, but when they’ve to come us they’re ready for a working relationship in which we become a direct extension of their marketing team. We act as (… read more)

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10X Content – What Is It and Why You Should be Practicing It

Originally coined by Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz, 10X content is 10 times better than anything else you’ve seen or read in Search about a topic. Many marketers have said “content is king” and the concept of 10x content complements that ideology. If you’re not already putting the practice into place, you should be! Creating content that’s 10 times better than anything you’ve done in the past can seem like quite the daunting task. Everyone has to start somewhere, keep (… read more)

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