Do's and Don'ts of Submitting Citations for Local Search

Do’s and Don’ts of Submitting Citations for Local Search

In the realm of local search, citations are an important player. A citation is a mention of a business online, specifically publishing a business’s name, address and phone number. Each time the Googlebot can assign a citation to a particular business it adds to their local relevancy. Thus, giving the business a better chance in earning one the top 7 positions in the local map results. Not all citation websites are the same however. Some allow for robust content buildout, (… read more)

Time watch on wood bench, social media isn't a waste of time

Why Social Media Isn’t A Waste of Time

If you’re in the digital marketing industry, you’re either reading the title of this post saying, ‘Preach!’ or ‘Yes, yes, I know this already.’ But if you’re a business owner, you know that every dollar counts. Sometimes it’s hard to justify funding an effort that may not create immediate new leads or sales. Yet, businesses small and large are investing in social media. I’ll begin with the ‘why': Why Should You Invest in Social Media? Print marketing is still very (… read more)

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Practice Holistic SEO in 2015 to REALLY Grow Your Business

The world of SEO is an ever evolving arena. In 2015, my prediction is that those who practice holistic SEO campaigns will be the “big winners” of the year. Developing a thoughtful, well rounded and meaningful campaign that’s customized for your business plan can sound like a monumental task but spending that time to go the extra mile will make all the difference. I predict we’ll see the biggest shift in the Local SEO arena. We’ll start to see Localized (… read more)

Colin Murray - Brooklyn Girl Eatery — at Chef Celebration Dinner @ Tom Ham's Lighthouse.

Chef Celebration in the “Companies That Care” Spotlight

Once again, we are shining the spotlight on a really cool company in our “Companies That Care” segment. This month, we are featuring Chef Celebration, a local company that is investing in the culinary future of San Diego! Chef Celebration is a series of events throughout the year. More than 50 award-winning chefs from all over San Diego donate their time, energy and talent to Chef Celebration in order to raise money for a nonprofit culinary scholarship program. These one-of-a-kind (… read more)

Heading Tags in clouds

Heading Tags in Blog Posts: A Brief Tutorial

Using heading or HTML tags for blogs. What are they? Are they beneficial? How do I use them? All questions I’ve asked myself. I’ve written my share of blogs in times past not knowing what ‘heading tags’ were, whatsoever. I’ll embarrassingly admit to using them as a tool to bold certain text simply to make it visibly stand-out, which apparently isn’t completely off-base to their original intent. Apparently they were initially meant to differentiate content stylistically. But they actually serve another purpose, search (… read more)

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Wanted: Front-end Developer with SEO Experience

Here we grow again! Organik SEO is seeking a Front-end Developer to join our dynamic SEO team here in beautiful San Diego. We are looking for a full time in-house person so please do not inquire if you are not able to work from our office here in Solana Beach. Who is Organik SEO? We are an online marketing agency in the heart of Solana Beach (on Cedros Avenue) and we are comprised of about 12 driven professionals focused on helping (… read more)

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6 Clever Ways to Use and Create Images for Social Media

We’re naturally attracted to beautiful things. That’s why social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram dominate – they’re visual. Even Twitter took note and now allows users to share images alongside tweets. Visuals are now, more than ever, an essential part of a digital marketing campaign. Here’s how your business can take advantage of striking images on social media. Where to Find Eye-Catching Images They’re everywhere! You have more resources for images and opportunities to create them than you think you (… read more)

Organik SEO Year in review 2014 photo collage

Our Year in Review: Thanks 2014! Hello 2015!

Wow! What a year!? We’ve learned so much. Shared a LOT! And the experience we gained and learned from has been immense. So we decided to do our own year in review with this last blog post of the year as we take a look back at our humble accomplishments and ‘happy dance-worthy’ accolades for 2014. We Shared our Knowledge Over the past year the team members of Organik SEO have had the pleasure of sharing their knowledge with the local community by hosting (… read more)

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The Benefits of Social Media: 4 Examples

As prevalent as social media use for business is now, people still ask, “Why should I use Twitter?”,  “Isn’t LinkedIn just for job searching?” and “I don’t really see the benefit of social media.” These are worthwhile questions to ask, especially when considering investing time and money into social media efforts. Social media, if done well, can help move your business goals forward. Here are four examples of how social media can help businesses: Social Media Can Drive Awareness of Your (… read more)


Creating a Digital Marketing Calendar: Some Helpful Tips!

It’s the tail-end Q4 and 2015 is knocking on our door! If you haven’t already started planning your marketing strategies for the year ahead chances are you’re in the throws of it now. A majority of my career has been centered around the ever-powerful marketing calendar. It’s the roadmap for each and every marketing strategy for a full years worth of campaigns, content initiatives, events, product launches, and all of the supporting efforts that surround these objectives (and more!) – whether inbound (… read more)

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