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How to Create Brand Ambassadors on Social Media

Brand ambassadors (hello, marketing jargon!) are people who have been selected to help share information about your brand. The goal is to have them do so in a way that doesn’t seem salesy or pitchy, but feels organic, real and resonates with a brand’s desired demographic. But building a list of people who will promote your brand meaningfully and target the kind of people you want to connect with isn’t always an easy task, especially if you are still working (… read more)

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The Mobile Creep: Will Your Business Survive?

Like most of America, my smartphone is tied to me all the time, it’s become a staple of our culture to be “plugged in” 24/7. Google has definitely taken notice of this behavior, and they are ON IT! In the past few months we’ve seen the following factors to take note of: Google mobile only updates to the algorithm Mobile updates to Google My Business Testing of mobile SERP’s on desktop Increased blog coverage about mobile overtaking desktop in a volume of (… read more)

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“Using Business As a Force for Good!” Upcoming B Corp. Event

Using (your) business as a force for good is a core part of being a B Corporation. This mindset is a driving force behind the vision of Organik SEO, and it’s something that we strived to be our reality even before setting out to become a certified B Corp. business. The credit for this goal is owed to our owner and founder, Julien Brandt. He’s extremely humble and pretty much refuses to take sole credit for anything where our business is (… read more)

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Organik SEO to Participate in #ScottsBizChat

We’re super excited to announce that Organik SEO will be participating in #ScottsBizChat along with SEM Rush on Tuesday, July 21st at 6:00pm P.T. The chat topic is SEO and some of our talented team members will be providing tips and weighing in on the topic to help local and small business “get found” online and better optimize their sites. This is such an important topic for us as it hits home to the core of what we do here, (… read more)

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How to Improve Your Writing Skills

The digital age is an age of texting, using Internet slang and speaking through emoticons, but being a good writer is still important. While anyone can blog and post to social media, it takes a command of the English language and an understanding of one’s personal style and voice to create compelling, interesting content that encourages readers to come back for more. Some people are naturally gifted at writing and others find it a challenge they hope to overcome. What (… read more)

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Tips for Live Streaming on Meerkat, Periscope and Snapchat

Instagram filters. Heavily edited YouTube videos. Social media can be a wonderful vehicle for hiding a number of flaws. But lately, we’ve seen a trend toward unedited real-time interactions. Google Hangouts offered us the ability to chat live with friends and later, SnapChat revolutionized ‘right now’ social media with the ability to instantly share disappearing videos with friends. Now, a new wave of apps and tools are allowing people to connect in a more unfiltered, authentic way. Meerkat and Periscope (… read more)

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Hot Tips from Social Media Day San Diego 2015

Members of the Organik SEO team recently had the pleasure of attending Social Media Day San Diego at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina. The event featured notable social media speakers like Mari Smith, John Loomer, Mike Stelzner and more. While we could recap our readers on each session, we’d like to provide you with our favorite outside-the-box strategies for social media gleaned during the conference. ‘Date’ Your Audience “Strategy that engages ‘dates’ your audience,” says Facebook expert Mari Smith. Essentially, (… read more)

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A Little “Goodwill” Goes a Long Way!

The Organik office is a busy one, and the past few months have been no exception. We’ve started working with some new clients that we’re beyond excited about, and our team is continuing to grow. We couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities, and even though we’ve been exceptionally busy (we realize this is a good problem to have!) we still didn’t want to lose site of an important aspect of who we are, a company that also likes to (… read more)

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Don’t Get Bamboozled by These 5 Common SEO Myths

Here at Organik SEO, we strive to educate our clients above all things and truly partner with them in the hopes of producing stellar digital marketing campaigns. We want each and every client to come away with a firm belief in the internet as a business tool and see the value in all aspects of digital marketing. The digital landscape has changed a lot over the years, but these 5 myths seem to permeate time. Don’t let yourself get bamboozled (… read more)

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Pinterest Cheat Sheet: Tips for Pinning Success!

Everyone loves Pinterest right!? Its visual nature makes it hard not to get sucked into pinning various workouts, recipes and clothes all night. Although it is a very easy-to-use social platform, it can also be very complex when it comes to using it for a business. As new features, updates and information have been released recently, I thought I would create a ‘Pinterest Cheat Sheet’ to help myself remember everything I need to recall to manage Pinterest accounts for our clients. (… read more)

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