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On Air Live Blog at Social Fresh West 2014

Live Conference Blog: #SocialFresh West 2014

Please excuse typos, this is a live blog from the Social Fresh West 2014 Conference at the Omni San Diego Hotel Couldn’t make it to Social Fresh West 2014 this year? We’re all about sharing the love. We’ve created this live blog to share our favorite strategies from the great minds at Social Fresh. Conference attendees, we’re essentially taking notes for you! Stayed tuned for a full recap of the conference on the Organik SEO blog. The Value of Long (… read more)

Custome Search Magnifying Glass

Google Custom Search Engine Bar Feature

Earlier this month Google announced a new feature called custom search engine or CSE. This feature allows websites to create a unique search engine bar that will only populate results from a specific website. The search bar can be added to the website and if installed, the search feature has the potential to display in the search results on Google. If the search bar is hosted on a website, all searches conducted can be accessed via Google Anlaytics. Custom Search (… read more)

Organik SEO Donation Drive

Holiday Donation Drive – Care Packages for Seniors

    Organik SEO is excited to announce that we’re hosting a donation drive to support San Diego’s Meals-on-Wheels seniors in need! Meals-on-Wheels Greater San Diego supports our local seniors in a number of ways, and we’re doing our part to welcome their new senior members this holiday season by helping them with their welcome packages. In North County alone, Meals-on-Wheels has about 400 current seniors it’s helping and takes on at least 50 new members each month! Our goal is to (… read more)

Creative Content Social Fresh

Social Fresh’s 5-Step Plan for Creating Exceptional Content

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Social Fresh founder and savvy social media speaker, Jason Keath. After reviewing a number of his blog posts to determine how I would use my allotted time wisely to pick his brain, I determined that the best thing to ask someone who has experience creating campaigns is how we, social media pros, can copy him. And by ‘copy’, I, of course, mean use his powerful and tested strategies and make them our own. (… read more)

Trick or treating ghost for online marketing

Tricks and Treats for Online Marketing

  We hope you’re having a spooktacular October so far! We are going to share with you a few tips and ideas on how you can leverage the month of October and Halloween for your social media campaigns. Not a Halloween person? Don’t worry, chances are at least a few of your co-workers are Halloween fanatics and would love to help the company get in the spooky spirit. Here are our 5 tricks, treats, and tips for using Halloween to (… read more)

Alchemy restaurant lettuce cups in San Diego

Alchemy San Diego in the “Companies That Care” Spotlight

We are happy to give the “Companies That Care” spotlight this month to Alchemy, a sustainable, community-focused company that serves various sections of the food system in San Diego. The flagship restaurant and lounge, called Alchemy Cultural Fare & Cocktails, is located near downtown San Diego and is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Alchemy also caters to private and business clients all through San Diego County and teaches an educational cooking program for both youth and culinary professionals. (… read more)


5 Ways Psychology Will Amplify Your SEO Campaign

Ever hear the phrase “think smarter, don’t work harder”? At its core that’s what SEO is, thinking smarter so you don’t have to work harder. Using our brains has become our most powerful ally in the techy world; we are in the so-called information age right? I’ve been fully immersed in the depths of marketing since 2010 and in that time I’ve found that SEO is way more about psychology and way less about technical elements. There are 5 big (… read more)


Email Newsletters: Some Planning Tips

Email is officially celebrating it’s 43rd birthday this month! Whaaaaa?! It’s true folks! The very first email was sent in October 1971 and we’re celebrating with an ode to the topic of email marketing. Email newsletters. Email blasts. E-blasts. Whatever you like to call them, we’re all familiar with them and what they do. Email newsletters connect your business with existing and potential customers. Receiving an email blast from a brand or service that you’re drawn to can be insightful, and (… read more)


Solana Beach Farmers Market Every Sunday

Visit the Solana Beach Farmers Market and support your local farmers and artists! This special little market is just around the corner from Organik SEO on the south end of the Cedros Design District at 444 S. Cedros Avenue and Rosa Street. There is free parking along Cedros Ave. and Rosa street.  At Organik SEO, we value our environment and enjoy having such a great market to purchase organic and sustainable products from! Every Sunday our silent parking lot erupts with (… read more)


How to Take a Holistic Approach to Your Business

Should you invest in social media or SEO? Is it better to spend your money and time on content marketing, or should you focus on making your website responsive? All of the above. Creating a successful business involves all of these essential elements. SEO influences website visits. Having a great blog builds your audience’s trust in you and keeps Google happy (if you’re publishing fresh, interesting content). Social media is where your customers are engaging online, and they’re accessing social (… read more)

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