A Little “Goodwill” Goes a Long Way!

The Organik office is a busy one, and the past few months have been no exception. We’ve started working with some new clients that we’re beyond excited about, and our team is continuing to grow. We couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities, and even though we’ve been exceptionally busy (we realize this is a good problem to have!) we still didn’t want to lose site of an important aspect of who we are, a company that also likes to give back to the community as often as we can.

Throughout the month of June, our team hosted a Goodwill donation collection in our shared office space with fellow businesses, Hype Media and Shovel Creative. We’re all familiar with Goodwill Industries, a special place where someone else’s give away items become another persons treasure, at an affordable price. But Goodwill does so much more than that, it turns donations into funding for free job training programs and employment services for people with disabilities, among other things.

Thanks to the generosity of our collective office crew, Organik SEO was able to donate over 70 items to Goodwill, from clothing to shoes, housewares and electronics – we piled it up over the month of June and recently dropped off our donated goods at a nearby location. Our original goal for the collection was to fill a single box that we set up in our entryway, but thanks to the generosity the incredible people we work with on the daily, we greatly surpassed that goal and the donation items overflowed!

At Organik SEO, one of our core values is “People and Planet First”. We are constantly striving to be active in our community and enjoy making a difference in other people’s lives. Exceeding our original donation goal spread the feel good vibes in the office and reminded us that however small the effort, it’s an effort nonetheless, and it can still make a significant impact in helping others.

Why blog about this? Because we’re hoping to inspire! As a B Corp we aim to “Be the Change” and in order to uphold our affiliation to this important organization we know it’s our responsibility to lead by example. Hosting this donation drive required very little effort to set up, but the proceeds will help numerous people attain job training and experience. By putting “People and Planet First” we can all help to make our community better for everyone, and so can YOU!

So host a donation drive of some kind and share it with the world via your blog, your social media channels and help make the world a better place one step at a time. It doesn’t take much, but it’ll go much further than you think.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer!

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