Krystina Gillenwater

Digital Marketing Strategist

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Areas of Expertise:

  • Communication
  • Client Strategy
  • Public Relations

Krystina is an information master and company sponge, with 10 years experience in public relations and marketing. She can seamlessly assimilate into the brand voice, business environment and needs of any organization in order to get to the heart of business problems and help align leadership teams around an impactful strategy. She helps to gather, define, and clarify pertinent insights for our clients to build creative digital marketing roadmaps that further our client’s bottom line.

Words Krystina Lives By:
“Grit & Grace”
Hidden Talents:
She's a “card shark” (specifically, Texas Hold-Em)
The Cause Close to Her Heart:
Animal protection. She contributes to a number of organizations like World Wildlife Fund and the ASPCA.
On the weekend you’ll find her…
Riding her motorcycle or playing golf.
She Stays Green By…
Driving a hybrid car, recycling, & conserving electricity at home. (Growing up, if she ever left a light on in a room she wasn’t in, her Dad, in typical “Dad” fashion, would routinely exclaim, “Turn the light off when you leave a room! We don’t own any stock in the electric company!” Suffice to say, that green effort in particular has pretty deep-rooted origins :)