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  • Sustainable Living
  • Organic Farming
  • Carbon Neutrality

Mr. Organik is a humble man. Until recently, he lived a simple life running an organic farm stand on the outskirts of his property with his wife and kids. A few months back Mr. Organik was approached by Organik SEO to help deliver the company’s message about growing green businesses to the marketplace.

In addition, Mr. Organik’s property made a perfect backdrop for OrganikSEO’s homepage.

“After a few sleepless nights and a few days getting to know the team at Organik SEO, I decided that I’d like nothing more than to lend my support to an environmentally conscious company made up of like-minded honest, fun, charming, professionals,” explained Mr. Organik. “It has been an amazing ride. Even in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined the fame and popularity that comes with being associated with Organik SEO. These days it’s hard to walk into town or browse Facebook without seeing my picture or being approached by people that recognize me. I had no idea these guys had so many raving fans!”

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