8 Quick Facebook Advertising Tools & Resources to Save Your Sanity

Facebook advertising is no easy task. It takes patience, testing and the desire to dive into analytics. But when done well, it can greatly help your business engage meaningfully with its target demographic, generate brand awareness and drive conversions.

Here are eight of our favorite tools, tips and resources for Facebook advertising and management:

Facebook Audience Insights

If you’re having trouble determining who your audience is on Facebook, Facebook’s New Audience Insights is here to help. Use it to create audiences for advertising purposes. The data you enter will help you glean more information about your audience based on gender, location, top categories of Page likes and more. Even if you are one of the lucky few that has organic reach left and doesn’t use Facebook advertising frequently, this tool will help you determine what types of posts to share on Facebook to engage with your audience.

Standard Click-Per-Cost for Facebook Ads

You should always focus on testing to find the best CPC (Cost-Per-Click) for your ads as it will likely vary based on images, CTAs and targeting. To give you a standard off which to determine your baseline CPC, CPC for ads in the United States are around $0.50 while CPM is around $0.32.

Sprout Social Image Tools

Whether you’re creating ads or trying to upload an image to Facebook, Sprout Social’s Landscape tool is a valuable resource. Simply upload your image, choose the network to which you’re publishing and crop from there. Easy!

For more on image sizing for social media, read this article: How to Create and Edit Social Media Images. 

A Hot Stat to Share With Squirrely CEOs

If the person to whom you report or one of your clients is unsure of whether or not people are still using Facebook, share this stat with them:

According to Pew Research, in 2015 72% of American adult internet users use Facebook.

Facebook Debugger

When posting to your Facebook Page, if you find that the image isn’t populating properly, you might need to debug it. Use Facebook’s debugger tool. To use it, enter the link you want to debug and click ‘Fetch new scrape information.’ You might have to ‘fetch’ a few times before it processes the request.

If you’ve had it up to here with Facebook management or advertising and you’re looking for an agency to help, call us for a consultation. 

Facebook Pixel Checker App

Facebook’s developers released a tool to help advertisers determine if pixels are properly installed on websites. This Chrome extension gives you tips to troubleshoot if your pixel isn’t working. Download the Facebook Pixel Helper here.

Facebook Resources

We often have digital marketing pros ask us why a Facebook ad they’re managing was disapproved. Facebook typically gives you a reason when they disapprove an ad, but sometimes the reasons are vague or seem inaccurate. Check Facebook’s Advertising Policies. This resource has everything from prohibited content to how to properly mention Facebook in an ad.

Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer writes about the latest trends (the changes to the infamous 20 percent rule, for example) and tests the effectiveness of Facebook advertising through exceptionally creative ads. My coworker, Nicole, saw a carousel ad on Facebook from Loomer in which he asks people to select if they are a beginner Facebook advertiser, an intermediate advertiser or an advanced advertiser. He then serves them ads based upon the level of expertise selected. She did, indeed, receive a number of well-targeted ads for the level she selected. These are the kind of creative moments that social media pros absolutely love!

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