Google+ Dashboard – New Google+ Page Management Interface

Google introduced “Google Dashboard”, the new interface for business page managers on Google+. Previously, the only way to access and manage a Google+ Page was through the “Pages” section which offered limited capabilities and zero analytics. The new dashboard consolidated previously available features of the Google+ page into a single hub so the user can now edit the business profile, share posts, start hangouts and see recent updates made to the profiles information all in one location.

New Google+ Dashboard

Google+ Dashboard for OrganikSEO

The new features for Google+ business managers include performance tracking and analytics that were left behind in the previous shift from Google Places to Google+. The newly added aspects of the dashboard include Insights and Top Searches, Driving Directions and Notifications.

Insights: provides the total number of views and actions a business receives across Google+ and local search.  Another aspect of insights is the ability to track views and activity of your posts.

We will be researching the capabilities and Insights and sharing more soon but for now, more information about insights can by found by visiting the Understanding Local Insights help page Google recently published.

Driving directions: shows the areas people search for driving directions to your business.

Top searches: shows the most popular terms that were used by people to find   your business.

*Note: Both the driving direction and top searches summarize the activity that occurred in the last 90 days. The insights seem to show summaries of either the last 7 or 30-day periods.

Another notable change to managing a business profile versus a personal profile is that Google added a new “Dashboard” icon to the navigation bar. This new addition makes navigation between seeing the profile and managing the profile much more user friendly. The dashboard is already a vast improvement in regards to tracking the activity of posts made by your business as seeing the exposure and interactions they receive. Overall, we are excited about the new management capabilities Google Dashboard, it looks to be solution for business to manage their presence across Google’s many products in one place.

What do you think of the new Google+ changes? We would love to hear your comments!
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