How Many Characters Does Facebook Ads Manager Allow in Ads? We’ve Got Your Answer.

Today’s tip is brought to you by Facebook’s character limit in Ads Manager. Recently we noticed that the typical character restriction for Facebook advertising isn’t what it used to be. Prior to the past couple of weeks, ad headlines had to be under 25 characters, text had to be under 90 characters and the link description had to be under 30 characters. Facebook’s Ad Guidelines still detail these requirements, but it’s not what we’re seeing.











Our social media team noticed that we were able to add unlimited text to ads, which made us both nervous and excited. Would our target audience actually see ALL of the text in our ads? We tested it and we were, in fact, able to see all of the text. We couldn’t believe our luck. Our social media manager, Nicole Barbato, checked with a Facebook representative. The Facebook rep confirmed that currently, Facebook is testing unlimited character count in Ads Manager. Power Editor has always allowed Facebook admins to create ads with more text but it seems Facebook is moving toward making Ads Manager comparable in functionality to Power Editor. Our team prefers Ads Manager, so we’re all for this change.



















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