How to Communicate Confidence Through Body Language and Conversation

Communication is integral to the success of any digital marketer. It’s essential to be able to speak with confidence and poise to pitch ideas, communicate effectively with clients and executives and avoid misunderstandings. Here’s how to ensure you’re saying what you want to say:

Speak Eloquently and Confidently

Speaking with confidence can be a challenge. Whether you’re giving a presentation, in a meeting with executives or on a client call, it’s essential to be able to speak with poise. To do this, first ensure that you’re well-versed in the topic at hand. Never go into a call or meeting unprepared, no matter how busy you are. Next, nix the ‘umms’ and ‘uhhs.’ Using verbal fillers weakens your conversational skills and is distracting to the listener.

I had a speech teacher in high school who gave students watching a fellow student’s presentation cards that contained verbal fillers. Every time the presenter uttered a filler word, the student given the corresponding card featuring the filler held it up. This tactic worked extremely well! Mirror this approach by asking a co-worker to count your ‘umms’ and ‘uhhs’ during a call or record calls to track your speaking patterns. Next, consciously try to eliminate fillers when speaking. Many people swear by improv to become a better speaker or public speaking groups like Toastmasters to help them develop confidence and an effective speaking style. Find what works well for you.

Cater Your Communication Style to the Individual with Whom You’re Speaking

No two people are the same. If you’re conducting a phone conversation to review a report with a client who is analytical, focus on the numbers and explain them well. Dig into the details. Or, perhaps you’re speaking with an executive who prefers the big picture. Don’t give him or her every little detail about how a Facebook advertising campaign works. You’ll undoubtedly bore them! Instead, remind them that Facebook is a powerful tool to reach their target audience and inspire them with an inspirational case study.

Watch Your Body Language

If you tend to slouch, focus on sitting up straight. This shows you’re alert and attentive. Good posture also helps you breathe better. This means you’re sending more oxygen to your brain which helps you think more clearly and stay alert. Make eye contact as it engages and shows confidence. Remember to smile. Smiling makes people feel at ease and welcomed.

It also helps to use gestures to explain concepts and to show affirmation or solidarity. For example, if your client or team member is explaining an idea that you agree with, the simple gesture of making eye contact and nodding to show agreement shows that you understand and support them. Lastly, please don’t furrow your brow when you’re thinking during a conversation. It brings a severity to the conversation and tends to suggest confusion or disapproval. Stay positive and be likable.

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