How to Improve Your Writing Skills

The digital age is an age of texting, using Internet slang and speaking through emoticons, but being a good writer is still important. While anyone can blog and post to social media, it takes a command of the English language and an understanding of one’s personal style and voice to create compelling, interesting content that encourages readers to come back for more.

Some people are naturally gifted at writing and others find it a challenge they hope to overcome. What both have in common is the need to practice. No matter how good a writer you may be, you must practice your craft.

I’d like to share a writing exercise I repurposed from a blog I was featured on a few years ago to help you become a more confident writer. All you’ll need is 30 minutes.

Step 1: Embrace the Unfamiliar

Why not start with a challenge? Pick a topic that you’re not familiar with and briefly research it. It’s much easier to write about what you know. Writing about something foreign to you improves researching and writing skills. This is an especially good exercise if you work at an agency and have a multitude of different clients. Do this for 10 minutes.

Step 2: Begin Writing

Spend another 10 minutes writing about the topic you’ve researched. Try to write two concise, clear paragraphs. Giving yourself a time limit will help you learn to organize your thoughts quickly and write while on deadline–a skill that’s crucial in the digital marketing world.

Step 3: Review Your Work

Editing helps writers develop a keen eye and improve their writing by being able to spot spelling and grammar errors quickly. Spend 10 minutes editing and finalizing your work.

Try to complete this exercise a few times a week. You’ll find that you’re more confident when writing and, dare I say it, you may begin to really enjoy writing.

Learn More About Writing

Tap into valuable resources like Grammar Girl. On the days that you’re not writing, spend a few minutes reading her articles. She’s fantastic at explaining common grammar and spelling challenges as well as more complicated writing topics.

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