How to Practice Holistic Digital Marketing

Silos? No, thank you. Digital marketing companies have come to know the importance of encouraging different departments to work together. In 2011 and 2012, there were an influx of articles heralding the age of communication among departments and denouncing the practice of siloing expertise. While this has helped companies recognize the necessity of branches of marketing working together, many companies and agencies still struggle with how to create campaigns that cohesively blend best practices for SEO, content marketing, social media, PR and web dev (etc) to build powerful campaigns. Here are two tips to help build strong, holistic digital marketing campaigns.

Begin with a Goal (or Two)

Rather than determining what’s best for a campaign – ongoing on-page optimization, Facebook advertising, etc – consider, first, what the primary business goals of said campaign are. Write down three clear goals. Then expand on these goals to determine what’s of the utmost importance to achieve them. For example, perhaps the business you work for needs to solidify its story/brand online. That’s great – you’ve established a goal. Now consider all the digital marketing assets at your disposal that can help you reach this goal. Be strategic. In the example given, one could consider a keyword research campaign to help determine what words and phrases to align the brand with. This research can then be used to inform content marketing strategy and social media advertising. Alternatively, you might also create a campaign that involves A/B split testing web content to see what does and does not resonate with visitors to the website. This can help flesh out your target audience, thus helping to solidify your brand and how to express its messaging online.

Ask Questions

You don’t know what you don’t know. As much as you may pride yourself on understanding your area of digital marketing expertise, it’s necessary to expand your horizons. If you work at an agency, shadow different departments. You might find that your content campaigns, for example, could benefit from some SEO optimization or a specific social media advertising campaign. If you work for a company, consider instituting lunch and learn sessions that allow each arm of digital marketing to educate other arms to help create holistic campaigns and marketing solutions.

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