Social Media and Content: A Dynamic Duo

Social media and content are two prominent elements in the digital marketing world. As separate entities, they are powerful tools — together, even more so. In order to elevate your digital marketing strategy, it’s essential to understand the importance of both elements — as individual players and as a dynamic duo.

Social media and content are like most powerful relationships. They benefit directly from each other and enhance each other’s value. Success in the world of digital marketing is dependent upon this connection. The pair must be working together at all times. “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline,” as explained by Author and president of Convince and Convert, Jay Baer.

So, what causes such a strong interrelation between social media and content? Here’s a breakdown of some commonalities that bring the dynamic duo together:

Building Relationships

Both social media and content play a vital role in establishing a loyal audience. Social media helps to build an audience and provide exposure. Content creates the ability to reach out to that audience with a purpose. Together, they establish a foundation for building strong relationships with interested consumers.

Enhancing Brand Exposure

By 2018, the number of social media users is expected to increase to 2.67 billion — making social media one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences. This is why having a presence on social media is essential for brand exposure and organic promotion. Not incorporating quality content, however, sacrifices the value of this opportunity. Content supports social media presence and brand exposure with authenticity.

Encouraging Engagementsocial media and content cycle of engagement

It’s pretty natural to associate engagement with social media. Yet, content is what truly encourages likes, shares, clicks and mentions. Consider this never-ending cycle:

Social media provides the ability to research trending interests among users. Businesses address these interests by creating content. The new content is then targeted to the appropriate audience and shared on social media. Interested users are exposed to the valuable content and inspired to engage.

This cycle presents an opportunity to further analyze what inspires engagement from your target audience — the common denominator between social media and content. The better you understand your target audience, the smoother the cycle flows. It fills in the gaps.

Addressing Consumer Wants and Needs

62% of adults get their news from social media, which makes it a hot spot source for information. Consequently, there’s no question as to why it’s a popular place to expose new content. What better way to directly address the wants and needs of your audience? Keep in mind, consumers aren’t always seeking products and services. Consumers, even more so, desire industry expertise, news and relatable topics. This is what should inspire your content and social media presence. Your audience needs to be on the front burner in both aspects at all times.

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