The Importance of Storytelling in Digital Marketing

Products and services don’t sell; stories do. Marketers are tasked with the exciting, but often daunting, duty of creating a powerful message around their product or service. Rather than simply encouraging people to buy from a company, building a story around a brand–a good story–entices people to come back for more. Stories achieve two essential marketing goals: They build trust and engagement with consumers and allow marketers to deeply target the demographic they want to engage with most.

Build Trust and Engagement with Your Consumer

When you’re perusing Facebook and Instagram feeds, which brands catch your eye? It’s likely the ones that have crafted a voice, tone and story that resonates with you. Typically brands that garner engagement online regularly published content. Content builds trust when done well. This is because the more a person knows about your company–what your business values are, how you conduct business, etc–the more they develop a relationship with your business. A business with a static website and a sad social media presence, on the other hand, doesn’t give consumers an opportunity to get to know a company.

Target a Specific Demographic

To develop a story around your brand, begin by determining what your consumers wants most. How is your company alleviating a problem for them? Then choose a channel and medium to show them how your company can make their lives better. For example, if your company creates fitness regimens specifically for busy people, your marketing team can create quick workout videos on YouTube and blog posts featuring 10-minute workouts. Develop a tone and voice around your campaigns, too. Your ‘story’ could be that you’re a company that, with an upbeat attitude, helps busy people stay healthy and happy. The workout videos and blog posts are shareable content that create trust with your target demographic.

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Q4) How should you determine your brand’s story?
Q5) Which platforms are best for telling stories online?
Q6) How should you develop a voice for your brand?
Q7) What’s the most effective way to determine if your story is resonating with your audience?
Q8) Which brands do a great job of telling their story?

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