Why Team Building is Important for Business

Team building fosters camaraderie, idea sharing and, of course, a good dose of laughter. But its importance isn’t just internal. The effects of frequent team building activities extends beyond the workplace team. It improves the ways in which employees work with customers and develop strategies to promote products and services. Team building is essential for the growth of any company.

Our team at Organik SEO regularly takes time to engage in team building activities. These activities range from hour-long homemade digital marketing Jeopardy sessions to half-day Strategy Days that help us grow and fine-tune our service offerings. Here are our insights on creating team building activities that will improve the way you do business:

Make it Fun

This is an essential ‘Step 1’ in the team building process. If you’re taking time out of someone’s day to add another ‘to-do’ to their list, make sure it’s of interest to them. If you know your team well, you’ll know what fun is to them. Our team is relatively competitive (in a playful way, of course), so Jeopardy is the perfect activity for us. Our local SEO pro, Jenny Foster, creates categories based on our service offerings: SEO, local SEO, social media, content marketing and web development. In doing so, she’s testing our team’s knowledge of all the offerings and seeing if we’re more siloed than we should be. It’s not only a fun activity, but an educational game as well.

Make it Worthwhile

Have a goal in mind. The Type A personalities at your company might scoff at team building activities and consider them a waste of time. Make it worth their while. Determine, before you define the activity, what the point of that particular team building activity is. Is it to improve communication skills? Or perhaps it’s to help people understand the sales process. Make sure that important takeaways are recorded. Additionally, ensure that your team has actionable insights from the activity. Make it purposeful.

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