New YouTube Design Template- YouTube “One Channel”

youtube_organikseo-templateNew YouTube Channel Design:

As can be expected with the ever evolving landscape of social media: YouTube is changing its channel design once again. The rollout of the new YouTube design will become permanent for all YouTube channels by today, June 5th. This new “One Channel” is more than a place to house all of your uploaded YouTube videos. The new YouTube Channel is an extension of your brand where you can reach more non-subscribed viewers and present more of your content to your fans.

The new channel design is meant for the viewer to easily discover a variety of content on YouTube and on your personalized channel. It also allows the account owner to promote their channel via teaser trailers to encourage users to subscribe. In addition, the channel profile is divided among tabs, which encourages subscribers to discover the channel and interact via discussions and comments. The channel layout is customizable so that you can present your videos to reflect your brand.

YouTube states that pages with the new One Channel layout are seeing a 20% increase in pageviews due to clicks from YouTube’s guide going directly to channel pages as opposed to the channel’s activity feeds.

The “Channel Art” is the header for your personalized channel and is viewable and responsive across several platforms. These platforms include iOS and Android apps, Desktops, Tablets, and even Television.

YouTube Channel Design Template:

At OrganikSEO, we’ve created a template jpg that you can pull into any photo-editing program in order to build your own personalized channel art. Our new YouTube channel design template shows the minimum and maximum dimensions and parameters to ensure that your channel art displays properly across different devices. This template displays the YouTube channel design artwork we created for OrganikSEO but feel free to use this as a background image to build upon! (P.S. If you want the PSD file with the different layers and ruler guides feel free to shoot us an email at webdesign(at) and we will gladly share). If you would like to take a look at how our new YouTube channel displays you can check it out here on any device:

Click HERE to get OrganikSEO’s YouTube One Channel Design Template.

What do you think about the new “Channel Art”? We would love to hear your thoughts on the new design and how you will create your new channel.

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