Client Communications

Do I have a go-to person for my campaign?

Yes, you have your very own digital marketing expert ready to assist you. Reference the Team Intro Page to learn more about your project manager.

What if I have other digital marketing questions?

We can answer them! We have SEO, Local SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and Web Development experts - all under one roof.

What are the primary modes of communication?

We’ll communicate regularly with you via email and we’ll schedule a monthly standing meeting in person or via our interactive meeting software.

How will I know what you’re sharing on my company’s behalf?

If you’re signed up for content or social media, we’ll send you a blog calendar or social content calendar each month before the new month starts.

How will I know my campaign is growing?

We’ll review all of our campaign efforts in detail with you during your monthly call - and you’ll have a printable document to chart your progress each month.

How can I tell if more people are learning about my business online?

We use a number of detailed analytics tools to determine where, when and how people are finding your business online.

Organic & Local SEO

Why am I not ranking on the first page of Google?

Ranking on Google takes time. It involves creating great content that the Googlebot will readily crawl, garnering credible citations on respected websites, having a well-optimized website and having an active social media presence.

What’s the difference between Local SEO and SEO?

Local SEO focuses on optimizing your website to achieve local search rankings by ensuring that your business is properly represented on review sites like Yelp, Google+ and others. Your Local SEO Expert focuses on making sure that your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) are correct across these listings so Google indexes you appropriately. SEO experts focus on optimizing your content - your blog and your website content, in general - to ensure it’s fresh, accurate and interesting for search engines. SEO experts also use paid advertising (like AdRoll) to promote your website while it’s growing and to compliment unpaid efforts, like website optimization.

What are citations and why are they important?

A citation is a mention of a business online, specifically publishing a business’s name, address and phone number. Each time the Googlebot can assign a citation to a particular business it adds to their local relevancy. Thus, giving the business a better chance in earning one of the top seven positions in the local map results. Learn more here: The Dos and Don’ts of Submitting Citations

Are reviews really that important?

Absolutely! It is the ultimate popularity contest – the one with most points wins! SEO is mainstream enough now that in some geographies/verticals everyone is so well-optimized, reviews can be one of the remaining factors to determine ranking position. Learn more here: 3 Local SEO Questions Answered

What’s the ‘Penguin’ update and how does it affect my campaign?

Prior to Penguin, businesses could get away with creating a large amount of low quality content and expect to increase their ranking with this strategy. Google implemented the Penguin update to their algorithm to ensure that businesses are creating quality, engaging content on their website.

Why am I not ranking for certain key phrases yet?

It takes time. Your SEO and Local SEO experts spend time including specific keywords in content on your website as well as on online review sites to ‘train’ Google to associate your brand with specific terms.

Should I have multiple domains for my business?

In summary, no. If you want multiple domains, think of this strategy as having multiple campaigns that you have to invest time, effort and money into rank each of those websites.

Okay great, what’s a domain?

Your domain is your home on the internet. It’s the individual URL that you’ve created for your business.

Why can’t I use a PO Box for my map results?

It’s not us, it’s Google. Using a PO Box for map results is against Google’s guidelines and they won’t recognize it in search/citations.

Social Media

Why do I have to pay for Facebook?

You’re not paying for your fans, you’re paying to get your information in front of your key demographic. Facebook advertising allows you to target your desired demographic using detailed information that Facebook has gathered from its users. Read our CEO Julien’s article on Why we Love and Hate Facebook to learn more.

What’s the difference among Facebook boosts, page posts, ads?

Boosted posts: Increases the likelihood that people will see your posts in their Facebook newsfeed.
Boosting for ‘page likes’: This allows you to promote your page and business to your target audience.
Facebook ads: Use Facebook Ads to promote larger discounts, sales and promotions.

Is social media really benefiting my business?

Social media not only increases brand exposure, it feeds your SEO campaign and powers your content marketing efforts. Prior to social media, you had to seek media placement for exposure, but social media has revolutionized the way you talk about your business. Your message is in your hands now!

Content Marketing

Why does my business need a blog?

Blogging is crucial. It’s the bread and butter of your marketing campaign. Without a blog that provides relevant, useful, timely information to your audience, it’s difficult to rank in Google search results. Beyond that, the content you create fuels your social media. People want to engage with great content and if your brand isn’t producing that and building trust, you’re losing potential customers.

How does my blog affect SEO?

Google crawls the web for fresh new content and resources to index in its search engine. A website that is frequently updated with relevant, informative content will rank higher in search.

Web Design

What does ‘responsive’ mean and why is it important to have a responsive website?

We live in a mobile age. Most people are on the go and search via phone and tablet over desktop. Your website should be easy to navigate and user-friendly across all devices. Responsive design means websites “respond” to different screen sizes and device types.

What is user experience and how does it affect my business?

User experience is what the customer experiences while using your product. It translates to every aspect of your business, from how they experience a phone call from your store to how well your website fits their needs. Every interaction a customer has with your business should be carefully thought out to provide them with a delightful “experience”.

What is a comp?

“Comp” is short for “comprehensive layout” or “composition.” It’s a static image that shows the direction of a design, layout, colors, typography to be reviewed and changes made before development begins.


How can I pay? What payment methods are accepted?

A) Bank Transfers:​ This is an easy and secure way to pay. You will submit your bank information electronically (using TRUSTe) when you receive the invoice via email.
B) Check:​ Note that if paying by check, work will not begin until payment has been received. For monthly services, invoices will be sent electronically 10 days prior to the recurring campaign date in order to receive payment upon the recurring service date.
C) Credit Card:​ We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express.

When will I be charged/invoiced?

Along with approval and signing of the proposal, the client must also submit the payment authorization form and select their preferred payment method. If a payment schedule needs to be determined, this will be discussed and approved by both parties. Before Organik SEO begins services, we will either charge your credit card or invoice you for the first or one-time payment (invoices can be paid by check or online with a secure bank transfer) based on the payment method chosen.

Will I be sent an invoice or receipt?

Invoices & Receipts are sent electronically via email. Please check your spam if you did not receive an expected invoice/receipt.

What are the payment terms (when are invoices due)?

All payments are due upfront for the services to be provided and invoices are due upon receipt.

Are there any late fees?

A monthly late fee of 10% will be assessed to all payments that are over 15 days past due. Should your credit card number change or be declined please provide us with the new credit information within 7 days of our request to avoid late fees.

How quickly can I expect the work to be completed? Can I request an immediate deadline?

Organik SEO will review with the client the timeline for work to be completed. Deadlines depend on the type of project(s) as well as how quickly we can obtain all required assets from the client. Urgent requests for work needed to be done immediately or outside of our production schedule will be billed at a premium rate if the request is approved by both parties (the amount is subject to the type of project).

When will I be charged/invoiced?

100% payment is due upfront for any projects less than $1,000. If the project amount exceeds $1,000, a payment plan may be approved by Organik SEO. You may request this during your review of the proposal. If a payment plan is approved, the client will be charged or invoiced the first payment amount upfront with a summary of the approved payment timeline. Remaining payments will be charged or invoiced according to the approved payment timeline.

Before Organik SEO begins services, we will either charge your credit card or invoice you for the first or one-time payment (invoices can be paid by check or online with a secure bank transfer) based on the payment method chosen. Recurring services are paid for upfront each month. You will be charged/invoiced on your recurring campaign date.

How do I pay for my ad spend?

If client requests that Organik SEO pay for the cost of ad campaign budgets on their behalf (EX: Google pay-per-click ads or Facebook ads) then Organik SEO will include this cost within the client's monthly invoices (for reimbursement) plus a 5% processing fee to cover administrative costs and transaction fees.

What if I want to cancel services?

Contact your account manager or via email to request a cancellation of services. Organik SEO will complete the campaign until the end of the billing cycle and provide a final report. If the cancellation notice is within 48 hours of the next billing cycle the client may be billed in which case we will conduct our services for that month. Organik SEO does not provide refunds for payments that have been processed.