Social Media

Give your business a voice on the world’s largest social media platforms.

Social media can take your business to an entirely different level. Unlike advertising or public relations, social media is based entirely on relationships which are built on the foundation of meaningful conversation. It takes time, creativity, and true commitment to harness the influence and realize the benefits that social media can deliver.

Social Media Management: Your dedicated social media account manager will create a monthly calendar based on initial research to use to populate your social channels. We’ll monitor and reply to comments and questions. We’ll also ensure that your social channels are optimized according to the newest features on each social platform.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising: We’ll use the in-depth data Facebook provides about its users to create robust and effective advertising campaigns via Facebook and Instagram. Our campaigns are both analytics-driven and creative – the best of both worlds!

Campaign Benchmarking & Reports: You’ll receive a monthly report detailing the success of your campaign that will be discussed during our monthly meeting with you.

We create unique content for each platform, track activity on social media pages, and interact with your customers and clients. Over time, the goal is to grow your social media campaign by accumulating genuine fans. This will drive more traffic to your website with the ultimate goal of generating more business.

Are you a Non-Profit Business? You may qualify for our pro-bono services.

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